National Laboratory Handbook Consultation 28/02/2019

The  Acute Hospitals Division HSE has asked the National Clinical Programme for Pathology to prioritise the development of guidance for communication of critical laboratory results in the community. Such results most commonly arise from test requests from GPs, however issues may arise when there are unexpected critical results following out-patient attendance, Emergency Department (ED) attendance or when a result becomes available after a patient has been discharged.


A Communication of Critical Results Working Group was established and have developed a draft guidance document.


Feedback can be given through the link


The deadline for receipt of submissions is 17:00hrs on Monday 25th March 2019.


All feedback will be greatly appreciated by the National Clinical Programme for Pathology and once complete will be published within the National Laboratory Handbook.


Fowarded on behalf of Joan McCormack, Programme Manager, National Clinical Programme for Pathology by IEQAS